Thomas Jacob

Head – Centre for Open Data Research

His research interests include information systems architecture, design & development of enterprise business solutions, data engineering, data science & analytics, AI & ML.

Thomas Jacob is the Head of the Centre for Open Data Research. He specialises in Data Engineering, Data Analytics, AI/ML and the design and development of enterprise business solutions. 

At the helm of the CODR, Thomas and his team work with data gathered from the ground up, cleaning it to elicit statistical analysis. They then make recommendations to the government based on the data collected, and also accurately approximate trends in the data to prepare the governing authority for the future. 

Thomas has a Masters in Computer Science and is dedicated to giving back to society. Hailing from a corporate background, he started off as a Software Engineer in the IT industry. He felt like there was no direct link between his work and the common man; almost like they were two separate entities. Thomas was thus drawn to PAC because of the not-for-profit ethic, and because the data gathered and analysed belongs to the poorest of the poor in society. He acknowledges the privileges that many of us take for granted, and believes that using our skill set to make a difference in the lives of those that do not have the same privilege as we do is worth more than monetary and material gain. 

Thomas is dedicated to the goals of CODR. He is confident of the difference the recommendations put forth by the CODR are making in the lives of the common man.  In  future, Thomas aspires to work with other governments and their schemes and citizens. 

CODR truly is one of a kind, Thomas believes, as he states with confidence that no other not-for-profit think tank has as strong a data science team. 

A cool and steadfast personality, Thomas loves listening to music and finds great pleasure in driving.