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Enhance the quality of public governance, through active civil society engagement, to make it equitable, inclusive, and accountable; to ensure that we advance the rights of the vulnerable population; and secure fair development opportunities for all.

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CODR Open Data

India’s largest knowledge graph of
Open Data?

The Centre for Open-Data Research

Is aimed at promoting open-data utilisation through data science research outputs, tools and techniques with an objective to apply the results towards progressing human development or enhancing customer consumption experience. Open-Data is defined as data that is freely available for access, reuse, redistribution for everyone without any restrictions.

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To effectively utilise and research data generated by various open-data initiatives and apply data science to address human development issues and improve citizen’s customer experience.

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To be recognised as a premier institution promoting open-data utilisation and research for the benefit of society.



Apply data science research efforts on open-data using in-house expertise, collaborations with Indian and foreign universities/institutions and open-source engineering community to ensure impactful outcomes on integrating, visualising and generating insights from open-data.

Build a platform to promote the usage of CODR’s research outputs by interested communities and individuals towards building innovative applications using open-data.

Collaborate with universities, educational institutions, commercial and not-for-profit organisations globally to harness and absorb the best research ideas, techniques and goals relevant to open-data research.

Promote the CODR brand through research contributions, publications, trainings and events.

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