Sunderrajan Shankar Iyer


His interest areas include financial management of non-profits, and incentivisation of human resources through non-financial aspects.

S S Iyer, known around the office as “Iyer Sir”. He takes the helm regarding finance, HR, administrative work, and supporting activities that help in the smooth functioning of project teams. 

Equipped with a BSc and LLB, S S Iyer spent 4 decades in a bank and retired at a senior position. His persevering attitude disallowed him from resigning to his life as a retiree, and he thus found his way to PAC 10 years ago in an effort to give back to society by working in an organisation that gave stimuli for his intellect. 

Mr. Iyer is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience, but that does not stop his yearning to learn more. A cheery, well-spoken individual, S S Iyer loves to read, watch movies and listen to music in his down time.