G. Gurucharan


His research interests lie in Sustainable Development and the application of Data Science for public governance.

Gurucharan Gollerkeri is the Director of PAC. His research interests lie in Sustainable Development and the application of Data Science for public governance. The beginnings of his illustrious career are rooted in the Civil Service - he served in the IAS - with a focus on public finance and its sustainability over the medium-long term. He worked with the Government of India for the greater part of his professional life. His work for the GoI centred on the oil and gas sector and later on international migration, a realm that he is incredibly passionate about. His book ‘Migration Matters - Mobility in a Globalizing World’, is widely recognised as a fundamental text for researchers on migration, and is the culmination of his years of migration research. 

A visionary, Gurucharan established the India Centre for Migration, which now serves as the primary think tank for all matters relating to the overseas employment of Indians, diaspora engagement and migration matters, bilateral engagement in matters relating to the portability of skills and mobility of skilled workers, for the Ministry of External Affairs, GoI. At PAC he provides strategic direction to the research teams and mentors young researchers to help improve research quality and the diversity of knowledge products that PAC generates. His focus is now on advancing the application of data science in public governance. To achieve this he has taken the initiative to establish the Centre for Open Data Research (CODR) in 2018, to serve as the data science arm of the PAC. The growth of the organisation from 25 strong in 2017 to almost 50 strong now, and the introduction and cross-linking of Data Science with Action Research is testimony of Mr Gurucharan’s dedication. 

His introduction of the “Five Year Strategic Framework” for 2017 - 2022, which defined certain parameters and metrics to judge PAC’s performance, proved instrumental in not only increasing the quality, diversity and quantum of research.  PAC is now working on the strategic framework 2022-2027. His enthusiasm for the future is infectious. Mr Gurucharan sees PAC foraying deeper into the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to transform key development interventions in primary health care, school education, and sustainable livelihoods especially the agriculture sector to help small and marginal farmers. 

Gurucharan is a curious and inquisitive person, and never denies a new challenge or learning opportunity. Currently learning Spanish and Latin, he is also an avid Vipassana practitioner and a golf enthusiast. He has several commentaries, Opinion pieces, articles and Policy Briefs to his credit, with his monthly column ‘The Empire of the Mind’ in Deccan Herald, popular across a wide spectrum of readers.