Dr. Meena Nair

Head of Research

Her research areas include Social Accountability Tools (SATs), policy analyses, service delivery issues, and community engagement processes.

Dr Meena Nair is the Head of Research at PAC. Her area of work broadly deals with Social Accountability tools and their application, in order to measure the quality of the Government through their services. 

An accomplished academician, Dr Meena has a Masters in Philosophy, and a Ph.D. in Geography (Urban Social Geography). 

Dr Meena’s expertise lies in small-scale interventions. She and her team work to understand if the recommendations PAC gives to the Government are both plausible and scalable. They apply Social Accountability Tools (SAT) to perform such action research on a Service-Delivery value chain. 

A well-spoken, approachable person, Dr Meena works to generate evidence from stakeholders and find recommendations in order to create capacities for those that need the capacity building most. A wonderful conversationalist, Dr Meena also finds herself interacting with the Government as well. 

Always there for her team, supportive would be the best possible way to describe Dr Meena.